How would you like to be received when moving to a different country?
What is relocation?
We help companies with attracting and retaining skilled employees from abroad, streamlining and simplifying the process for you. As the employer, you make sure your new talent has good working conditions; we help with everything outside the workplace. In close cooperation with you, Relocation Scandinavia takes care of the employees you have invited and invested in to plan, coordinate, and assist with all the practical issues that need to be sorted before and after arrival to their new country.

  • Introduction to life in a new country
  • Finding a home to fit lifestyle and budget
  • Visa, work and residence permits, local registration, health care providers
  • Setting up bank accounts/insurance/telephone/internet/utilities
  • Arranging child care and schools (waiting lists, prices, procedures)
  • Transportation, shopping
  • Assistance when departing the country
Our services include:  

Your employees are starting a new life in unfamiliar surroundings. We know how to help your employees transition smoothly into Danish society, culture, and daily life, enabling them to focus on their new job right away. Together with you, we create the best possible foundation for a long and successful stay.

Expectation management
Good planning creates good solutions, which is why we start with a thorough analysis of your employee’s needs and expectations. We believe that relocation assistance needs to be personal, so we tailor our services to meet the needs of individuals. We work with people; we are not a moving company who moves boxes, and we are not rental agents who are paid commission from property owners. We are relocation agents, your employee’s new best professional friend.

A rental agent is paid by the property owner (landlord). This is normally a commission of the first year’s rent, which means that the rental agent does not have any particular interest in negotiating the rent down to a fairer price on the market when appropriate.

In contrast, a relocation agent is typically paid by the hiring company, and will therefore take care of the employee’s interests in the best possible way. This means that a relocation agent always will make sure to negotiate the best possible price.

A rental agent represents the landlord, so the rental contract will always be presented in favor of the landlord. This can be quite costly for the employee when it is time to leave.

A relocation agent represents the tenants, and will always try to negotiate the best possible terms for them. They will explain what is possible in the market BEFORE the tenant signs the contract.
A rental agent only shows the properties in their own portfolios, a limited selection.

A relocation agent will show all properties that exist on the market that fit the employee’s requirements and rent level.

Read here what the difference is:   

The company might think they save a little money by not hiring a relocation agent to help out, but the process will often be more costly in the long run…particularly for the employee.

We have years of expertise and experience identifying and navigating the challenges your employee will meet when moving here. Our full relocation package addresses all these challenges. It all starts with you and what you want to help with.

We believe that a warm and personal welcome always will be a good investment and brand you as a company where talented people from around the globe would like to come and work

Relocation with Care
Relocation Scandinavia’s services are much more than traditional relocation. We are a small company, so the same consultant helps out with all the tasks that needs to be done for a particular relocation, personalizing the experience. We will be your (company) representative, and we invest the time and resources needed to get everything in order. We never just send a link—we will always accompany your employee in person to assist them and advocate for them.