We are more than Relocation
We offer services that reach beyond traditional relocation support. Together with you we wish to give your foreign employees a good start in Denmark and create the best possible foundation for a successful and long stay. We take care of the people you have invited and invested in.

Our support is based on two equally important elements:
First, we welcome your foreign employees and we help them settle in their new home. We help them take care of all practical matters, and if they bring a partner or family, we offer their loved-ones special attention.

We call it Feel at Home - Relocation with Care
Next, we help you make the employees feel at home within your company and in Denmark. We offer solutions that help your company realize full potential. Using existing means, your company can be a great host and take care of your most valued asset, your employees. Little initiatives and small details that embrace the family as well as the employee, makes it easier to retain foreign employees. This, we call Here to Stay – Integration with Sense.